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Thankyou to our helpers!

July 31, 2009

If you drive down Wilson Street between Broadway and Sycamore, you will notice some changes to the landscape (besides the usual plant boxes and lack of garbage).  There has been a group from the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program that has been doing a great job creating a flower bed border on the Northern-most lots.  These teens have diligently removed the sod, rocks, and trash from a 3 – foot strip currently 137 feet long along the sidewalk.  They have looked through seed catalogs and selected flowers and herbs to put in next spring.  We sat down yesterday and planned out about 40′ of the strip using their flower selections.  They will be creating paths across the bed with bricks next week so people don’t have to jump over it to get into the garden ( or worse, just trample ).  I am thankful for their hard work.  This winter, I plan to purchase seeds for the plants they selected and start them in the house to be planted out next spring.   Thanks, People!!

Another group from the Youth Construction Initiative Program has been hard at work cleaning up the undergrowth at the back of the property against the fence line.  They have spent several days cutting down scrub brush, raking out the old trashy stuff, separating the garbage from the dead branches from the living branches that can be chipped up for mulch.  They have been good hard workers and their work really shows.  Thank you, All!

The rain has been good to our garden;  the soil we make doesn’t get water-logged.  Our plants are growing well and our rain barrels are full.  We have been trying to expand our rain collecting system.  We have had several food grade plastic barrels donated to us and Tucker has been working on connecting them to the gutters around the house and garage.  We still end up carrying water in 5-gallon buckets across the street and filling up our watering cans to irrigate.  It’s a good job for the little ones – they enjoy getting soaked as they water.

We have been eating well.  Large, fresh salads every day with home-made dill or garlic dressing, fresh beets, braised turnips, stir-fried chinese cabbage,  vegetable risoto, baked zucchini with basil and Italian sausage, stir-fried mustard greens with marinated chicken and basmati rice.  Beans are coming on also.  I canned 12 quarts of beans yesterday and hope for more next week.  Basil, basil, basil, . . . oh, that I could just devour the smell of basil!  It defines summer.

Once again, we will not be having a work day on Saturday, August 1.  We are going blueberry picking in Wyoming – our old stomping grounds.  Hopefully we can have a regular work day next week, the 8th.  We’ll keep you posted.

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