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More Pickles and Plans

August 29, 2009

Friday, the older boys and I weeded the strip of ground beside the sidewalk which will wait to be planted with flowers in the fall or spring.  The youngest ones watered some of the boxes with little seedlings in and our oldest daughter stayed inside (she was feeling poorly anyway) and made some dill pickles.  We had collected enough cucumbers to make a few more quarts.  We have had sickness going through the family this week and that has meant we have been inside and not outside working.   Our big accomplishments this week have been selling some veggies to the market around the corner on Monday, watching  “Anne of Green Gables”, and making pickles today.   Hopefully next week will see us more energenic and productive.

We have sold some peppers and tomatoes, but the selection this year is limited due to the late notice that we would be able to have this garden.  Next year, we will be better prepared and have more of the things that seem to sell.  If anyone wants to buy chinese cabbage next year, they had better let me know now because that one is getting cut out from next year’s plan.  I haven’t sold any – although someone helps themselves to them periodically.

Some people seem to have the idea that a “community garden” is a garden that the community helps themselves to while we do all the work!  I have encountered several people who were in the garden helping themselves and when I ask they say, “We thought this was a community garden.”  One more problem we need to work out for next year…

It’s hard to believe that it is late August already!


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