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Ah, Life Gets in the Way. . .

October 5, 2009

Hello friends,

 With the change of seasons, other changes have come as well, especially with my schedule.

 We started our homeschooling year in which I oversee and partially administer the education of six students ranging in age from 8 – 18. This takes up my entire morning and early afternoon Monday through Friday.

  I lost two supper-makers, my oldest daughter, who started a part-time job in the afternoons, and the woman who lives with us, who got married on the 26th and now makes dinner for her own family.  This means my afternoons are full of making suppers for a crew of 9.  These others used to make supper at least once or twice during the week giving me an afternoon/evening to do something else.

  I have been trying to make time to clean up my garlic for a man who has been waiting a couple weeks for it.  Hopefully, he still wants it.  My garlic harvest this year is very disappointing, and trying to be motivated to clean and sort it has been challenging – there is always something more urgent to do.

somepics' 130

some late plantings - scallions, in the front; lettuce in the way back

  These are my excuses as to why I haven’t written here for so long. 

  With all that said . . .  the garden news is pretty slow right now.

  Most of the vegetables in the garden are finished: onions and squash are brought in; tomates, peppers and okra won’t grow in this chilly, rainy weather.  The greens will sit and wait ( or not –  I can’t really be out there all the time, so if people don’t know or care how to contact me about purchasing vegetables, they will either drive by or just help themselves).  I am still waiting to see if the cabbage I planted late ( July ) will head up.  Some appear to be beginning to do so.  We’ll see how much chill they can  handle before they go dormant.  There are scallions, beets, kale, collards, basil (until a frost), parsley, and green tomatoes left – although many of them were whipped off the plants by the wind we had last week.

  We had our first wedding on the site of the farm.  On Saturday morning, September 26, the woman who has been living with us for the past 3 years and her fiance got married out back.  The rain held off until the afternoon, so the event went smoothly.  It was attended by many friends and family and even some passers-by who were cutting through from Strauss to Wilson at the right moment.

  Tonight, we have a meeting that will hopefully set into motion some of our soil testing procedures.  That will allow us to begin working on remediating the actual soil so we can plant in the ground.  There are many crops that will grow much better in the ground and some that won’t do in the boxes at all so must be in the ground.

somepics' 126

the sidewalk flower bed created by the Peace of the City summer work group

  One thing I need to do very soon, if not sooner, is order my seeds for winter and spring.  This fall, I hope to get some seeds in the sidewalk flower bed one of the work teams planned over the summer.  My daughter and I planted some bulbs out there Saturday, but more were planned and so need to be purchased.  Some flowers they selected for the beds out back need to be started in the house early and so, I need the seeds.  I have been growing worms all summer in order to make some more compost, so I need to separate the worms from that new compost (it was a successful venture) and make soil I can use inside for seed-starting.   It is more challenging than it sounds to separate the worms out.

  So that is kind of where things are right now.  I haven’t gotten out back to do much because of the rain as well as my schedule.  People are still welcome to come by and  purchase what we have.  I would strongly recommend that you come to the house – 812 Fillmore Ave.

Until next time,


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  1. Chris(tine) Arbo permalink
    October 11, 2009 3:54 pm

    The wedding you briefly mentioned here became a featured topic for C. Byrd on Oct. 5th at Broadway-Fillmore Alive.

    I was surprised to see it featured there with a click-on leading back to here, but it is not featured here.

    We have attended wedding ceremonies on private land or in public parks, which left money over for those new couples’ first homes.

    Do you have enough space at your urban farm to accommodate more such personable and lovely events-?-wedding ceremonies requiring a large canopy tent and chairs-?-or a lovely place for wedding pictures-?-needs growing flowers, trellises, an arch of roses and flowering vines.

    • wilsonstreeturbanfarm permalink
      October 11, 2009 6:29 pm

      Incidently, Hollie isn’t real keen on her picture being on the internet, so I respect her opinion. I personally am glad it got published, but it would not have been my place to publicize it. In my blog, I did mention that the wedding took place. That’s as far as I felt safe taking it.

  2. wilsonstreeturbanfarm permalink
    October 11, 2009 6:23 pm

    The location where Hollie had her wedding is my daughter’s in-process rose garden. There is a trellis in the garage waiting to be finished and put up next year. She has planted bulbs along a pathway that leads to the area where the trellis will be and the trees currently are. Give it a few years and it will be lovely. Hollie’s mother brought potted flowers to put around and it looked really nice. Then she just took the plants home with her and that was that. Easy and beautiful.

    Right now there is plenty of space for a wedding or a great assembly. We do have some open space planned in even after the whole garden is tilled up and planted. I’m not sure how many people it would accomodate, but we definitely hope to use the space for community events.

    If anyone is interested, let us know.

  3. Christine Arbo permalink
    October 11, 2009 8:32 pm

    I hope your daughter will publish her in-process rose garden and pathway flowers here as they sprout.

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