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A Hoophouse?

October 21, 2009

We are being considered as a site for a CAO hoop house.  Actually, we have already been approved for it and it is now a matter of working out the details.  Sounds pretty interesting and full of potential.  Stay tuned . . .

At the end of the month we should be taking the soil samples for the mandatory soil testing the city wanted.  A UB professor is walking us through the process and, if the weather cooperates and nothing disasterous happens, the first phase of the testing should take place on the 31st.  When the results show no contamination in the soil, we can finally begin the hard work of remediation.


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  1. Vivian King permalink
    October 23, 2009 8:01 pm

    OK. Pardon my ignorance, but just what is a CAO hoop house???

  2. Chris Arbo permalink
    October 24, 2009 1:01 pm

    Seeing that word here for the very first time cracked me up! I pictured a house made of hoola hoops! What a great invention though. I guess it is going to happen. Is that something that will be started in the spring? Or can it be placed on your land now?

    • wilsonstreeturbanfarm permalink
      October 25, 2009 7:11 pm

      A hoop house is a structure made with a metal,tubular framework covered with heavy translucent plastic. It is generally not heated and generally has no electric connection. Its main purpose is to extend the season by a few weeks both in the spring and the fall. I plan to use it to aid in my starts and the hardening off process of my tender plants as well as to enhance the growth of peppers and tomatoes. As time goes on I’m sure we’ll find other ways it can enhance our farm.

      CAO (Community Action Organization) is planning on bringing a group out here in a couple weeks to erect it on the site. On Saturday, Mark and I attended a workshop on hoop houses down in Allegany, NY. The seminar included a trip to a CSA (community supported agriculture) which is run by a remarkable man. He has a couple hoop houses on his farm and had some very good information and experiences to share.

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