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Fall Planting

November 5, 2009

Last week, Mark and some of the children cleaned out several boxes and added soil into them to counteract the settling which occurred over the summer.   Monday, the children, some neighbors, and I cleaned up the yard and planted next year’s garlic.   It was a beautiful, warm day and it felt good to work outside.  Here are some pictures outlining the process:

On Tuesday, we planted flower bulbs along the sidewalk bording the gardens and the street.  It will be exciting to see the flowers come up in the spring.  These are the beds the summer work team from Peace of the City made.  The teens also helped to plan the flowers going into the beds.  Over the winter, I will try to start from seed some of the other flowers they envisioned in the  borders, and then, in the spring, we will plant them outside.  Hopefully, we will have beauty along the street.  With flowers, one can hardly avoid beauty.  We also put some herbs in the beds – sage, thyme, chives.  Eventually, there will be a garden devoted exclusively to herbs, but that isn’t happening this year, so these herbs will add their colors to the flowers.

planting bulbsplantinggarlic 050plantinggarlic 057

Until next time- Janice

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