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The Hoophouse is Finished

December 11, 2009

On Saturday the 5th, Dave, Mike and Dave from CAO came to help us put up the plastic on the hoophouse.  Now the house is complete and ready for early spring starts ( or any other winter projects that come up ).  It was given a real test Wednesday and Thursday with the wind and snow and came through very well.  There are some places that need a couple screws to hold the plastic a little better, but nothing was really damaged.  Due to the shape of the hoops, the snow slid neatly off the roof and into piles on the sides without our needing to push it in any way.  Now the children can build forts along the sides in the deep snow!

On December 19th there will be a “Compost Cookout” sponsored by the CAO.  You can read about the event on the Facebook group site for Wilson Street Urban Farm.  It is also advertised on the Buffalo Growing site

“Composting means the controlled decomposition (decay) of organic material such as yard trimmings, kitchen scraps, and wood shavings. Compost helps the soil absorb and retain nutrients and moisture, and protects plants from diseases and pests. Better moisture retention means less watering, allowing you to conserve water and reduce runoff pollution. It mitigates the production of greenhouse gas and diverts waste from landfills”

If you don’t already compost your household waste come and learn some strategies to start (even some methods so efficient and stealthy to defy the detection of Eco-Haters). If you’re already composting, come to share your skills and learn some new ones.

This event is an official work holiday, as well. We’ll be making as many piles of compost as we can for the Wilson St Farm, our East-Side neighbors and friends. Many hands means fast work.

This event includes a hot vegetarian breakfast, but dress warm, folks! It’s December out there.

-boots that can get muddy (if the ground isn’t frozen)
-as many compostables as you can
(it’s a challenge, people. i’m considering prizes)
-foodscraps (veggies only! no meats or cheeses!)
-New York Times (printed with soy-based ink)
-grass clippings/leaf mulches
-shredded cardboard (unbleached, non-glossy)
-if you’re unsure, bring it!
-shovels and tools is you prefer to use your own.

See you all out there!

RSVP with Paula Rosner
Urban Assisted Agriculture Director
Community Action Organization
(716) 881-5150


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  1. Chris Arbo permalink
    December 13, 2009 1:38 pm

    Do pizza boxes work as compost? Paper egg cartons and egg shells do.

    Glad to hear the hoophouse withstood that wind and love those French doors!!!

    • wilsonstreeturbanfarm permalink
      December 15, 2009 3:49 pm

      I would shred the pizza boxes (cut them or tear them up). I use torn cardboard with my worms and it disappears eventually. It will compost eventually. Personally, I have a hard time coming up with dry material for my compost in the winter, so I am glad for shredded cardboard and bits of paper. I am really no expert on compost, though, so maybe someone else with more experience and know-how should respond here.

  2. Chris Arbo permalink
    December 15, 2009 2:26 pm


    The first we had heard of The Stevens family and their desire to start an urban farm on Wilson Street (at Broadway and Fillmore Avenue on the east side of Buffalo, NY) was through the local newspaper, The Buffalo News, in the spring of of 2009.

    Today, their good news runs throughout Buffalo, especially online and for now, especially LOCALLY, but including WNY and the rest of the world.

    Besides information at broadwayfillmorealive(dot)com–linked here, dating back to the spring of this year,their farm news can also be found in at least eight places at buffalonews(dot)com–not yet linked here.

    There is at least one link at fixbuffalo(dot)blogspot(dot)com dating back to the title: Buffalo Urban Farms 1893–fixbuffalo is linked here.

    There is also buffalorising(dot)com–not linked here, where current hoophouse information is posted and comments are being made, (give or take the value of comments), and previous articles have appeared.

    Several other LOCAL online locations have also mentioned the Wilson Street Urban Farm.

    Comments can and are being made at all of these other online places.

    All in all, it appears that the Stevens family’s dream has taken hold!

  3. Chris Arbo permalink
    December 15, 2009 4:26 pm

    Our own compost container is a trash container with appropriate holes. We fuss with composting in the warm weather including adding lime, then just leave alone to decompose during the winter. Then, joy of joys, all that stuff is wonderful smelling soil when warm weather returns!

    We will be disposing of delivery pizza boxes and egg shells and their paper cartons over the winter. Want us to save that stuff for you?

    • wilsonstreeturbanfarm permalink
      December 16, 2009 9:12 am

      Perhaps at some point we will have facilities for larger-scale composting, but as of right now, we aren’t set up for people to drop off composting material. There are people working on setting up a community composting site – it may even be here on Wilson Street. But, not yet.

      If you have composting materials for this Saturday’s workshop, however, you can bring that by. Mike will be happy to have as much stuff as he can collect. Just run it by his list on the invitation/announcement where he made suggestions found in the post “The Hoophouse is Finished”. I did ask him about the pizza boxes and he said he’d be ok with those.


  4. Chris Arbo permalink
    December 16, 2009 11:00 am

    OK. Thank you. We will drop some by Saturday.


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