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Seed-Starting Workshop at Wilson Street Urban Farm

January 21, 2010

On January 9th, the farm manager of a successful CSA  called Canticle Farms located Allegany, NY, came and spoke with a group of about 25 people involved in urban agriculture.  Mark Printz is a wealth of experience and information which he freely shares as well as just a neat person to be around.  He showed us how he plans out his fields and schedules his successions.  He also fielded many questions and showed us his resources.   

In the afternoon, many of us stayed and discussed how to collaborate on supplies for our own fields and gardens.  As a group, we are trying to figure out how to share the costs of seeds and supplies, where and how to make compost on a large scale, how to be aware of what others have to offer or what they need that we could offer, and generally how to work together to make growing food within Buffalo city limits a successful endeavor.   After the meeting, we all marched out to check out the hoophouse.

I want to thank Judy Einach from New York Sustainable Agriculture Working Group for doing a great job organizing this workshop.    There are other workshops and discussion groups scheduled for this spring at various locations.  A calendar of events can be found at  They also have some nice pictures of the workshop.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get any good pictures of the workshop, so I thought I’d post some random ones.  Smile with me 🙂

Enjoy your winter,



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