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Thanks to Those Who Came Out Saturday

May 11, 2010

Saturday’s weather was atrocious, but a few came and braved it anyway.  We confined our work to inside the hoophouse and got beds weeded, garbage picked up, and the radishes thinned.   Thankyou to Sara who snapped a few photos while she was there.  They show what we have done inside the hoophouse so far this spring.  Although it doesn’t look like much, it represents a good deal of work.  The raised bed on the side contains carrots, leeks and daikon radishes.  Soon it will be home to sweet potatoes (hopefully today or tomorrow) and eggplant (when the nights are warmer) as well.  Along the side of the raised bed sit all our tomato and peppers seedlings waiting to be planted.  We expect a large load of compost to arrive soon and then we can plant them in the amended ground.  The plan is to have six 30-inch wide beds running the length of the house with pathways in between.  The tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and beans will be trained to grow vertically up trellises which we have yet to construct.  Our motto is “Slow and steady goes far in a day” . . . things will get done in due time.

Outside the hoophouse, most of the early stuff is planted and coming up.  Soon we will have radishes, green onions and lettuce mixes to sell.  We’ll keep you posted. 

though the weather outside is frightful…

Until next time,


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