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Construction Project in the Flower Bed

July 28, 2010

 For an indeterminable amount of time before we ever thought of putting a garden on Wilson Street, people have been using the property as a cut-through to get from Strauss to Wilson or vice-versa.  Wisdom recommended that we honor that use and even legitimize it by setting apart the existing paths and incorporating them into our flower beds.  We found that the paths will not be easily changed; we must adjust our ideas to fit what exists.  This week, a group from the Youth Construction Initiative Program came and began working on a path through Alex’s rose garden that curves around following the existing foot path.  They will be putting down a weed barrier, using the stones from the property to create an edge, and covering the weed barrier with wood chip mulch.  It should look very nice … and hopefully be fully functional and accepted by the path-squatters.


youth construction initiative program workers making a path from the arbor to the sidewalk


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