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Mid-Winter Musings

January 7, 2011

Hello from my fireside!  After a busy season, I’ve had a lovely break from all things gardening – ok, most things gardening – and am gearing up for a new season.  I noticed that I had promised a post about my herb collection months ago, but never came through.  Don’t you hate it when folks don’t do what they say they will?!  So, here is my post about herbs!

Most of the herbs in my current collection are culinary.  I have always tried to grow as much of my menu as possible right down to the seasonings.  Last year my collection included rosemary, two different kinds of oregano, lemon thyme, winter thyme, garlic chives, regular chives, fennel, dill, lovage, lemon verbena, mountain mint, apple mint, chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint, summer savory, marjoram, sage, flat parsley, curly parsley, many different kinds of basil, cilantro, and some scented geraniums.  Each year I like to experiment with new herbs.

I have a few medicinal herbs in my collection and am hoping to expand this spring.  I have comfrey, Echinacea,  lungwort, marshmallow (just added this fall), and a small hyssop plant.  I am looking for a place to safely grow nettles in a way that wouldn’t upset the f0lks that wander through too badly 🙂

Up until now, most of my herbs have been residing in pots.  Last fall we planted our first plants in the new herb garden on the north side of the property.  This spring I plan on filling up the front of it with some of the more popular herbs that need a more permanent spot or deeper soil than the raised beds can offer.  Things like sage and thyme, some mints, oregano and marjoram.  Do you have suggestions for herbs, culinary or medicinal, you’d like to see grown locally; that you’d actually buy if they were available?  I’m happy to try new plants if there is a market for them.  Does anyone have herbs I don’t already have that they’re willing to divide?  How do you use some of the more unusual herbs in your cooking?

I have been enjoying the seed catalogs as they come in and have begun planning next year’s vegetable crops.  This is a hopeful and enjoyable time of the year … with no crop failures or blights or droughts or floods yet.  Thanks for making 2010 such a successful and encouraging growing season.  As our plans take shape for the coming year, we’ll keep you posted!

Keep warm –

Coming soon to a Garden near You ...... SUMMER!!!



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