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The First Volunteer Day of the Season!

May 3, 2011

I know it seems like spring is dragging its heels, but it is definitely time to be working in the garden.  I am grateful for the rain filling up all our rain barrels and our new big tank (only have one of them hooked up currently); however, the cold and sogginess have made it very difficult to get my seeds planted.  Hopefully, we will get some cooperative weather soon and we can get the backlog of outdoor work done!

I do have lots of plants started in the house, waiting for warmer weather.  There will be some new experiments this year such as lemon grass, stevia, kohlrabi, shallots and brussel sprouts.  I’m planning on expanding the herb garden we began last year, or maybe I should say planting it, since it was simply prepared and laid out last year and not really planted at all.  Keturah is trying her hand at flowers.  Titus was bequeathed the pepper realm by Alex who is planning on bicycling away into the unknown this summer (see her blog ).  She is planning on taking Tucker with her, so Wilson will probably be the man on the tractor this season.

This month begins our season of volunteer days.  We will schedule them for the second Saturday of the month from 9:00 – 12:00.   Bring gloves, if you have them.

Hope to see you on May 14th!



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