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May 9, 2011

Good morning,

This poem has nothing to do with gardening directly, but it is a wonderful poem and I wanted to share it.

Excerpts from The Temple | George Herbert (1593-1633)

By all means find some time to be alone

Salute thyself and see what thy soul wears

Dare to look into thy chest, for it is thine own.

Tumble up and down what thou findest there.

The one who cannot rest until good fellows he finds,

He breaks up his house and turns out of door his mind.

Be useful where thou livest so others may

Both want and wish for thy pleasing presence still.

Kindness, good parts, great places are the way

To accomplish this. Find out men’s wants and will

And meet them there. All wordly joys are less

Than the one joy of doing kindnessess.

Be calm in arguing: for fierceness makes

Error a fault and truth discourtesy.

Why should I feel another man’s mistakes

More than his sickness or poverty?

In love I should: But anger is not love.

Nor wisdom neither, therefore gently move.

Scorn no one’s love, though of a mean degree;

(Love is a present for a mighty king.).

Much less make anyone thy enemy.

As guns destroy, so may a little sling.

The cunning workman never refuses

The most inferior tool that he might happen to use.

If thou dost ill, the joy fades, not the pains:

If well, the pain fades, the joy remains.

May your day be inspired and lovely,


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  1. Kirk permalink
    May 9, 2011 10:32 am

    Thanks Janice this is a great poem!

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