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The Great Garlic Harvest, 2011

July 29, 2011

Last Friday we harvested our garlic.  The weather has been so dry that the garlic died back quicker than I thought it would.  I looked at it on the previous Saturday, saw that it would be ready in the coming week and so planned on Friday’s harvest.  As it turned out, the crop was ready earlier than Friday, but the harvesters were not.

I advised my workers on Thursday that we would be starting early on Friday morning to avoid the heat of the day.  I wanted to be out of the field before 10:00 am.  We were out there before the sun was shining on the field and indeed we finished by 10:00.  My workers did a great job.  Unfortunately, I was relegated to a “cush” job because my back has been complaining so much lately.  Here are some pictures of the whole process.


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  1. Chris Arbo permalink
    July 31, 2011 10:42 pm

    Bob took a half-day off from work Friday. We drove past your farm. We drove slowly while trying to identify plants and we were absolutely AMAZED at how much all of you have accomplished and spread out in such a short time!!! Every growing thing looks so sturdy! The hoop house is filled to the brim!

    • wilsonstreeturbanfarm permalink
      August 10, 2011 4:29 pm

      It’s been a good year, even though we were unable to get the compost we needed. We were still able to plant beans, garlic, and cabbage in the new field. Hopefully they will do better next year now that the ground has been broken and some amendments added.
      Mark learned alot since last year about growing the tomatoes in the hoop house so they look super.

  2. Chris Arbo permalink
    August 10, 2011 12:54 pm

    Clicking on the “If you have a vampire problem…” comment here cracked me up because the first thing to see is a belfry!!! (“Bats in the belfry”) lol

  3. Chris Arbo permalink
    August 10, 2011 12:58 pm

    Oops! It WAS a church tower that came up when I first clicked on the link!!! Corpus Christi, I think.


  1. If you have a vampire problem, visit the Wilson Street Urban Farm | Broadway Fillmore Alive - The Online Voice of Buffalo's Historic Polonia

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