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Elderberry Blossoms, White Yarrow, and Transmissionless mowing

June 27, 2012

Right now we have lots of elderberry blossoms blooming.  Some people dry them and use them for teas especially to relieve cold symptoms.  We also have white yarrow which is also dried and used medicinally.  You will need to consult your favorite herbal medicinal book for specifics on how to use them.  I have them available, very fresh, for a limited time at $8.00 a pound.  If you have any interest, send me an email and we can make arrangements.

white yarrow in the midst of the fennel

white yarrow

elderberry blossoms



elderberrry blossoms










The Farmer Pirates recently acquired a nice John Deere lawn tractor to help with the mowing of all the farms.  Unfortunately it currently has no transmission, but with my boys, that is no barrier, especially when the alternative is a walk behind push mower.  They figured out how to use the mower with no transmission.  It takes two…

mowing without a transmission


Until next time,

Janice (still praying for rain)

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