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June 11, 2014

Oh dear!  I was just one digit off with my date…

Volunteer Second Saturday is June 14 not the 4th.


But you all figured that out long before I noticed.  Sorry for the confusion.


(still working on that promised exciting, newsy post with lots of pictures, but here’s a little tidbit)



We got a new baby hoophouse this spring.  It’s cute and it’s little and it’s portable so we can put it over some things early in the season and move it over other things to allow them to grow longer into the fall, while we replant a different section where the shelter will allow greens to winter over.   Sound confusing?  It means I don’t have to tear out my late tomatoes in fall before they are finished producing just to make space for wintered over greens to be planted.  I can plant the greens in a different spot and simply move the hoop house to cover them when the weather necessitates.   We’ll see how it works this year.

DSC_0626 DSC_0624 DSC_0667


It’s so cute, isn’t it?


See you Saturday,


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