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Summer to Autumn

October 27, 2014

Busy is an understatement.

August filled our plates with salads and our vases with flowers. It brought armloads of turnips and arugula and gave all the tomatoes it could. Somehow it managed to squeeze in bags and bags of cucumbers. It kept us canning every possible moment we had, aside from filling the CSA shares each week.


Somehow September found it’s way here and dumped rather similar gifts into our laps. I don’t believe I was the only one who was excited at the prospect of a deep frost. Don’t get me wrong, I love the abundance of summer’s harvest, but one must take a breath and stand up and stretch one’s back.


Thanks be to October. Its silent frosts that sneak in and curl the once-green leaves of the perennial and cut short the life of the happiest annual, leaving a lovely white blanket to remind us of the winter that is to come. Its wind that blows the brilliant colors off the trees and chilling nights that keep us curled up on the couch with tea and a book. Its barrels of dried beans to thresh and trucks of apples to press.  Its surprise crop of late peas.

Beautiful October with it’s rare, gorgeous days: clear blue skies and cool breezes to keep our jackets on. Friends to drink cider, eat fresh made donuts, and jump into the leaves with. Fires to roast our chicken over and talk around, comparing harvests, discussing successes and failures. Leftover cider to heat up with spices and things, gingerly sipping a mug of it alongside a sizeable slice of pumpkin bread. Our garden to-do list slowly dwindling in size.


And here we are, hurrying to put in the winter crops and gather the last of the harvest.  Just around the corner lies November, waiting to tuck the farm into bed and keep it sleeping until next year.



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  1. Jack permalink
    October 28, 2014 5:10 pm

    Amazing write up! It reads and breathes like a beautiful poem! I LOVE the pictures!


  1. Down on the Farm: Summer to Autumn | Broadway Fillmore Alive

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