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What’s available: Currently taking orders for 2018 CSA Shares



Thank you for your interest in the CSA program at Wilson Street Urban Farm.  As of this writing, we have around 5 or 6 openings.  Please email before sending any money to make sure there is still room for you.

CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture: a relationship between the farmer and the consumer that is mutually beneficial. The farmer receives much needed capital at the beginning of the growing season to help pay for seeds, supplies, equipment, fuel and such. The CSA member agrees to support the farmer through better or worse realizing that we’re all taking risks together and that the best laid plans may not work out as hoped for. In return, the member receives the freshest produce available, grown naturally, without synthetic sprays or fertilizers, usually picked and cleaned that morning. This is not your average super-market produce – this is far superior, with the farm-to-table benefits of greater variety, more-recent harvest, and no travel time resulting in amazing flavor, better nutrition, and excellent keeping quality.

Price: Our normal season runs from the first Thursday of June through the last week of October; however, this year our daughter is getting married on Saturday, June 9, so we will not begin our season until the following week, June 14. This will make for a 21 week active season this year: June 14 – November 1. The price is $420.00. This money goes directly to the farmers with no middlemen involved. Please make checks payable to Janice Stevens.

This year we will also be offering a limited number of opportunities to work on the farm in exchange for some or all of your share. Two hours a week of farm work will cover the entire cost of one share. Be prepared to work in the sun (forget those Vitamin D supplements!) or rain (unless it’s totally miserable) doing demanding tasks such as weeding, watering, harvesting, sorting, cleaning, or helping with the share packing. If you enjoy gardening and the outdoors, this is your chance! Let me know if you think this might be for you and we’ll discuss it further. [As of this writing, I have only one work-share opening left. If you are interested, let me know ASAP]

Pick-up: Each Thursday afternoon between 2:00pm and 8:00pm, the filled buckets will be available for pick-up at our house, 812 Fillmore Ave, located between Broadway and Sycamore. Because we have no place to refrigerate your share, please come as soon as possible to assure optimum freshness. I will send out an email communicating exactly when the shares are ready, so if they are ready earlier than 2:00, you may come early. Because of our lack of refrigeration, we cannot keep shares overnight. If you can’t make a pick-up, please let us know as soon as possible. We would prefer that you found someone else to collect your share, but if that is impossible, we will donate it to a needy neighbor or, if you let us know early enough, not harvest it at all. Three unexcused “no shows” will warrant a canceling of the membership.

Composting Program:  Your share will come packed in a five-gallon bucket with an accompanying lid. Please use this bucket during the week to collect your household compost and bring it back the following week to exchange for a clean bucket filled with the next week’s share. This greatly enhances our on-site composting program and it keeps unnecessary waste out of your garbage tote and, ultimately, the land-fill. Acceptable materials for your compost bucket include: food waste such as any plant matter, tea bags, coffee ground, egg shells, and light paper products (paper napkins, paper towels, tissues). Do not include any meat or dairy products or excessively oily items.

We are glad to have you be a part of our farm. We want to be your farmers and your neighbors. In addition to growing great food, we want to grow community. One way we do that is by having volunteer days on the farm each second Saturday of the month beginning in April and continuing through October. These work days give you a chance to come see what’s happening on the farm and become more aware of what is involved in growing food – and ultimately, human survival. We also have a Harvest Celebration in October – usually the last Saturday. We roast chicken over a fire, press apples to make cider, have a pot-luck, make fresh doughnuts, and hang out on the farm. All our members are invited to join us for this celebration.

We are planning an orientation meeting for the first Thursday in May, May 3th, at 7:00 at our house. At this meeting, we will meet each other, and address any questions you may have; we will go over pick-up procedures and introduce you to the farm. Please try to attend this meeting.

To become a member of our CSA program, please mail or drop off a check by March 18th and make sure I have your contact information: email, phone number, full name.  It is important that you email me first to make sure there are still some openings!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Mark and Janice Stevens

The folks at Wilson Street Urban Farm

812 Fillmore Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14212


This is a general list of the vegetables we plan to grow this season. Each week, in your bucket, you will receive a selection of these vegetables in their season. I try to include at least one type of herb as well. If you are not familiar with a vegetable, feel free to ask me about it. I can usually give you some suggestions.

scallions (all season)

lettuce (all season)

salad mix (all season)

mustard (early or late season)

spinach (early season)

arugula (early season)

Swiss chard (all season)

vitamin green (all season)

beets (red, golden, and striped) (all season)

radishes (early or late season)

kohlrabi (early or mid or late season)

peas (snow, snap, English) (early or mid season)

frisee (early season)

carrots (early or mid or late season)

cabbage (early or mid season)

shallots (mid or late season)

eggplant (mid to late season)

cucumbers (mid to late season)

potatoes (mid to late season)

kales (mid to late season)

tomatoes (mid to late season)

okra (mid to late season)

green beans (mid to late season)

pole beans (mid to late season)

dried beans (late season)

summer squash (yellow, zucchini) (mid to late season)

fennel (mid to late season)

daikon radish (mid to late season)

leeks (mid to late season)

onions (all season)

sweet potatoes (late season)

parsnips (late season)

winter squash (pumpkins, delicata, butternut, acorn) (late season)

horseradish (late season)

rutabaga (late season)

celery (late season)

Chinese cabbage (late season)

Jerusalem artichokes (late season)


chives (onion, garlic)





tarragon (limited amount, ask if interested)


cutting celery



basil (Genovese, Thai, lemon, cinnamon)





pineapple sage

rose geranium





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